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From Cow To Cone

The secret to happy taste buds not surprisingly begins with happy cows. Our Guernsey girls lazily graze on lush grass in lower Wensleydale which produces the golden whole milk that we use to make our delicious ice cream. The cows are milked twice a day and the milk comes straight in to our dairy to begin the transformation from fresh golden creamy milk to rich ice cream, clotted and double cream. Now doesn't that start your taste buds tingling? 


Once upon a time to get the milk, everything had to be done by hand but now our girls are milked by Phill Carlisle and his team in the parlour at Thornton Lodge . Our girls are milked twice a day and are all treated as individuals, often enjoying a one to one conversation whilst being milked. A happy cow produces more milk, and our milk yield has recently been steadily increasing.

After milking, the milk is delivered every morning from the Thornton Lodge to our dairy, guaranteeing that our milk is super fresh. Once in the dairy, the milk is stored in a 5000L tank and kept chilled. We then skim it to make Clotted and Double Cream or we use the whole milk as the main ingredient in our ice cream mix.

The Mix

This is undertaken by our very important Master Mixer who knows our secret recipe off by heart and is sworn to secrecy! With each mix he hand pours the precise amount of each ingredient to create our delicious ice cream. First he adds our fresh whole milk and double cream, then pure cane sugar, skimmed milk powder and stabilisers which help give the ice cream more texture. The mix is then heated to kill any harmful bacteria in the raw milk, known as pasteurisation.

Next, to make sure that the fats in the mixture are as small as possible, the mix is homogenised which ensures the ice cream has a smooth finished texture. The mix is then passed through a plate cooler which rapidly chills it, and then it is pumped into an ageing vat overnight where it is continuously stirred by a paddle and kept at a very low temperature.

The agitation of the paddle overnight helps to chill the mix and it enables the milk to become smoother and richer when frozen. Any background flavourings such as caramel, mint or vanilla are then added to the mix before the freezing process.


It is then frozen in large freezers, which whip air into the mix giving ice cream its distinctive texture and taste. If we didn’t add air the ice cream would be rock solid, but too much reduces the intensity of the flavour. Cheap ice creams have a much higher percentage of air in their ice cream, whereas Brymor keeps the air to a low optimal level making for deeper, more intense flavour. Just before the ice cream leaves the pump we add only the finest, wholesome ingredients through a fruit feeder ensuring the ingredients are evenly distributed through the ice cream.

It’s then packaged and put straight into a blast freezer at -30° which kills any remaining bacteria. Blast freezing is also essential to making the best tasting ice cream because it stops the water from congealing and forming crystals which will ruin the creaminess and texture of our ice cream. Thereafter the ice cream is held at -18° in our huge freezer. When it is ready to be delivered it is transported in temperature controlled vans so every order reaches all our customers in their farm shops, delicatessens and cafes in perfect condition.

After all the magic, it’s time for the important part- tasting! Leave the ice cream out for ten minutes and serve any way you want it. Yum yum.

| @brymoricecream

| @brymoricecream