A day in the life of Claire, our new Parlour Manager – Brymor Dairy

A day in the life of Claire, our new Parlour Manager

A day in the life of Claire, our new Parlour Manager

Here at Brymor we’re always looking for ways to go the extra mile to make sure visitors to our Parlour have an amazing experience when they’re here - and that they leave planning their next visit! Of course, our staff play a huge role in delivering that experience and that’s why we’re over the moon to introduce you to our latest staff member, our new Parlour Manager Claire. For this month’s blog we thought we would get Claire to take you behind the scenes of her role so that you can see what she gets up to in normal day. Let’s dive into a ‘day in the life’ at Brymor Ice Cream with Claire!

“My day begins at my desk checking and replying to emails and messages with a good strong cup of coffee to make sure I'm awake and raring to go! Our offices are based onsite here at Brymor where all our delicious ice cream is made, and it’s great to feel part of the whole team and the whole operation. Next, I’ll check the rotas for the parlour café and gift shop to see who is working, and if there are any staff illnesses or absences then I will see how I can help by moving people around or seeing if there’s anyone who fancies some overtime! I’ll also spend a little bit of time putting together the rotas for the next month or two, again checking who is on holiday and making sure we’ve got extra cover when the schools are on holiday and our visitor numbers peak.

After I’ve sorted those staffing tasks, I like to take a walk around the parlour itself and say hello to the team working that day. That gives me a chance to see if there are any issues with facilities such as the cafe or gift shop that I can help with and make sure everyone is happy. Once I have ticked staffing and admin-based tasks off my list I can get my teeth into event planning. I’m enjoying all aspects of my role but the creative bits, like deciding how to celebrate Easter, Halloween and Christmas, are definitely areas I love getting involved with.

It’s very important to us that all our visitors enjoy themselves, from the very youngest children to those with a little more energy to burn off – and of course our grown-ups too. The adults are kept happy with tasty food and drinks, plus a scoop or two of ice cream. For younger visitors our permanent play areas are always so popular, and we like to complement them with go-karts, inflatables and more for school holidays and special events. We start getting our plans in place a good few months out to make sure we’re ready. For example, our famous Maize Maze will be back this summer and that means the field needs to be prepares and the maize planted by the farmer later on this month.

One of the other tasks which definitely falls into the ‘fun’ category is planning new sundae and milkshakes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their time thinking about ice cream, sampling different flavours and then figuring out new combinations! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it… On that subject if any of our customers and followers have an idea for an amazing new sundae or milkshake then make sure you get in touch. You might even find that your dream combination is on our menu the next time you visit the Brymor parlour!”.

A big thank you to Claire for putting this together for us and of course a big welcome to the Brymor Ice Cream team.

Written on 29th April 2022

Written by brymor_admin