A Day in the Life of Customer Sales Account Manager Heather Wilson – Brymor Dairy

A Day in the Life of Customer Sales Account Manager Heather Wilson

A Day in the Life of Customer Sales Account Manager Heather Wilson

Here at Brymor we’re famous for our creamy Yorkshire ice cream made on site from cows produced by our very own Guernsey herd. It’s much-loved by locals living in the areas around Wensleydale parlour and tourists who visit North Yorkshire for their holidays (the latter we hope to be able to serve again once it’s safe for the tourism industry to open up!). But who are the people who keep that lovely Brymor ice cream coming week after week? In this blog we’re finding out what happens in A Day in the Life of our Customer Sales Account Manager Heather Wilson. Over to you, Heather!

“A typical day for me starts at 6.30am, when I drag myself upright and head out into the fresh air to walk my 1-year-old Labrador Flo. I arrive at the office, which is on site at High Jervaulx Farm with the parlour, at around 8:30am each morning. The first task, after boiling the kettle of course, is to catch up on a host of emails that have arrived in my inbox since I left the office the previous afternoon.

In my role I am responsible for managing the accounts for the supermarkets which stock Brymor ice cream, admin for orders and dispatch and making sure stockists get all the support they need. I only joined Brymor in January of this year, so I’ve now spent as much time working here during the Covid-19 pandemic as I did before it descended upon the UK! Everyone has made me feel very welcome, but it’s certainly been the most unusual start to a new job that I’ve ever had...

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we’ve really had to pull together to ensure we keep the business in the best possible health. That’s meant taking on a few extra roles and responsibilities. For me, that’s included a daily ring around of our wholesale customers to get their orders for the following day. That takes up a big chunk of my morning, but it’s rapidly become a job I really look forward to! I’m enjoying getting to know our customers; speaking to them on a regular basis and building up a solid relationship.

Ay Brymor we are a small team and we all work well together to ensure the delicious ice cream is enjoyed by all, including me on the odd occasion! It is a bit of an occupational hazard that you spend a lot of the day thinking about ice cream… I hope to stay at Brymor for the foreseeable future and I’m looking forward to seeing how the company grows over the coming years.

I leave the office around 5pm each evening and head to my new home just outside of Masham, which is only a 10-minute drive from the parlour. Once I’m home, my partner Adam and I take Flo for another long walk in the gorgeous Wensleydale countryside. We’re very lucky to live where we do and have some fantastic walks on our doorstep, something that’s been invaluable during the lockdown restrictions.”

Keep an eye out for more behind the scenes blogs, where we’ll be catching up with some other members of the Brymor office team here at High Jervaulx Farm - coming soon!

Written on 11th June 2020

Written by brymor_admin