Awardsome – Brymor Dairy
Guernsey Cows

Going for Gold!

Award winning ice cream made from the creamiest high butter fat content milk from a local herd of cows.

Great Taste Winners 2019

Our ice cream is entered in to both local and national food awards. We have won numerous Great Taste Awards for producing exceptionally good ice cream. These awards from the Guild of Fine are literally the “Oscars” of the food world. With over 13,000 products entered in to various categories from Jam to vinegar, meat to ice cream it’s always basil biting waiting to hear how we have faired in each years awards. We are delighted to announce we have just gained a three star award for our Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

Show Success
How do we get the Milk?

Great Yorkshire Show Success

We work hard to ensure we produce the very best ice cream for miles around right here on the farm. Every year we enter competitions and we have been very lucky to win a number of awards and high accolades including Great Taste Awards.