Made on the Farm – Brymor Dairy
Guernsey Cows

The Milking

Once upon a time to get the milk, everything had to be done by hand but now we get our high butter fat content milk from a local herd of cows. These cows spend hours grazing on the luscious Yorkshire grass which makes their milk super creamy and perfect for our ice cream. The food miles are kept incredibly low, as the cows are kept on a farm that is local to us here in Wensleydale, which also means it is on hand and fresh to make all our 25 different ice cream recipes.

The Mixing

This is undertaken by our very important master mixer who knows our recipes off by heart and is sworn to secrecy! With each mix, he adds the precise amount of each ingredient to create our delicious ice cream. First, he adds our fresh whole milk and double cream, then pure cane sugar, skimmed milk powder and stabilisers which help give the ice cream more texture. The mix is then heated to kill any harmful bacteria in the raw milk, known as pasteurisation.

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How do we get the Milk?

The Freezing

Once the mix is frozen it's still not quite ice cream just yet. We have to whip the mix to gently add air into the mix giving ice cream its distinctive texture and taste. If we didn’t add air the ice cream would be rock solid, but too much reduces the intensity of the flavour. Just before the ice cream leaves the pump we add only the finest, wholesome ingredients through a fruit feeder ensuring they are evenly distributed through the ice cream.