Dairy-free delights for parlour visitors and food service customers! – Brymor Dairy

Dairy-free delights for parlour visitors and food service customers!

Dairy-free delights for parlour visitors and food service customers!

Here at Brymor we know people decide to try a vegan or dairy-free diet for lots of different reasons. Some people want to eliminate animal products from their lifestyle, others have health issues which mean that lactose is a no-no. It’s increasingly important for brands like us to cater for everyone so that no one must miss out on a sweet, frozen treat when the sun is shining this summer. Whilst most of our products are made from real dairy ice cream, we do cater for those who prefer dairy-free. The flavours listed below are on sale in our parlour in cones and tubs, and available for our wholesale and scooping customers.

Vegan Mango Delight

Tropical, peppery mango is blended with vegan ice cream in this truly delightful dessert, if we may say so ourselves! A firm favourite with our vegan visitors, we also find that people who love dairy ice cream find this fun and fruity flavour to be an excellent addition to their cone or tub.

Lemon Sorbet

The most refreshing icy treat on our menu, our lemon sorbet is made from fresh, zingy lemon juice and is the perfect blend of sweetness with a citrus tang. Brymor lemon sorbet is absolute classic loved by everyone who tries it, vegan or not!

Blackcurrant Sorbet

This packs a real flavour punch - the tart, fruity blackcurrant sorbet is packed with vitamin goodness with just the right amount of sweetness to ensure this is a tasty treat for all. We love mixing it up with a scoop of lemon sorbet and a scoop of blackcurrant for a dairy-free taste sensation.

If you would like to learn more about our dairy-free and vegan flavours or add them to your next wholesale order, drop our customer service team a line. We’re more than happy to send samples out for you to try and give you full details on the ingredients and manufacturing process of our dairy-free range. For those who love visiting us here on the farm to take in the views and work your way through our menu, make sure you try one (or all) of them next time you’re here!

Written on 22nd June 2021

Written by brymor_admin