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Did you Know?

Cows are interesting creatures, there’s lots to learn about these fabulous farm animals.


Cows have almost 360* panoramic vision, so they can spot predators.

Sacred Heritage

Cows are sacred in Hindu India, on one day of the year, they are washed and painted with temples.

Sense of Smell

Cows have an excellent sense of smell, detecting smells from as far away as 5 miles!


There are estimated to be 1.3bn cows on the planet, today!


Cows share 80% of their DNA with humans


No two cows have the same cow print!


Cows have their own dialect, and each herd has its own distinctive moo.

Eating Habits

A cow will spend an average of 8 hours a day eating!


The gestation period for a cow is the same as humans - 9 months!