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Brymor has been producing delicious, award-winning ice cream right here on the farm in Wensleydale for more than 34 years and we believe that the secret to making the best ice cream is simple… Starting with love.


Our ice cream is so good because we put our heart and soul into making it. Our herd of pedigree Guernsey cows produce the finest, creamiest milk. We show them lots of love and affection because happy cows produce the best milk! Farmer Phill works in harmony with our Guernsey girls ensuring they have fresh pasture to graze every day and a warm bed at night. This important partnership is vital to the health and welfare of our cows, without them we wouldn’t be able to make our delicious real dairy ice cream so many people love.

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More About Brymor

Situated at High Jervaulx Farm in the rolling hills of lower Wensleydale, our Parlour and Café have become an obligatory stop for passing visitors and locals alike.

The Parlour is within very easy driving distance from Leyburn, Middleham, Masham and Bedale, and is just round the corner from the beautiful Jervaulx Abbey.