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Guernsey Cows

Why Do We Keep Guernsey Cows?

Guernsey cows are known for their social and friendly nature. Rather than trample you, they just want to lick you to death! They are very inquisitive and just can’t help themselves coming to investigate what’s going on! Guernsey’s don’t produce as much milk as the more common black and whites’ we are all familiar with but they do make up for it in creaminess, more quality than quantity. Other dairy breeds produce milk with a typical butterfat of 3.5% whilst our Guernseys are up there as high as 5.5% - that’s the secret of producing our delicious real dairy ice cream.

Happy cows produce more and better quality milk. A scientific study has shown that if you name a cow and treat her as an individual shew will produce 500 pints more milk a year!

Good animal welfare and respect for our herd is crucial to our business, we do every thing we can to ensure are girls are happy. We have one of the few herds of Pedigree Guernseys in the UK with nearly a hundred cows producing deliciously cream milk for our ice cream. Managing a herd of Guernseys takes skill, time and lots of effort, they are so laid back you can’t expect them to do anything in a hurry! Phill has a great relationship with the herd and they love to stop him for a bit of a head rub or a good old lick of his boiler suit on the way in to the milking parlour!

Show Success

Every summer we choose a couple of very special Guernsey girls to attend the local agricultural shows throughout the region. The girls are handled, groomed and even washed for their appearances. They are always impeccably behaved and really seem to enjoy getting out and about. Our resident “cow-girl” Rosie Grant will work with the girls over a period of months leading up to the show, getting them trained and ready for their days out. We are looking forward to seeing if they scoop as many rosettes as Chloe and Flo did last year!

Show Success
How do we get the Milk?

How do we get the milk?

Before a cow can produce milk it has to have a calf, before this they are called a “heifer” Our Guernsey girls will be milked by farmer Phill at 6 am in the morning, the girls will enjoy their breakfast while they are being milked. A Guernsey cow can produce roughly 22 litres of milk every day. They graze on lush pastures all day, they will be given an area of grass every day, this is called strip grazing. By moving the cows on to new pastures each day it ensures the cows get fresh and nutritious grass each day. The girls are milked again at 3 pm and will then be tucked up in a warm barn overnight so they keep clean and well-rested. For all their hard work they will get a well- deserved two month holiday each year, this is known as “drying off”. Once upon a time cows used to be milked by hand with the farmer usually sitting on a stool while he collected the milk. Now the cows are milked with modern equipment which enables the farmer to milk several cows at once. Each of our cows wears a cow collar which has a microchip with their very own Id recorded. This enables Phill to keep a check of how much milk each cow is producing and how much food they need to have dispensed into their feeder while they are being milked.