Scrumptious seasonal ice cream for Autumn at Brymor – Brymor Dairy

Scrumptious seasonal ice cream for Autumn at Brymor

Scrumptious seasonal ice cream for Autumn at Brymor

As we’re writing this blog the trees dotted around the farm and lining the lanes around it have turned the most incredible colours. Vivid orange, deep red and bright gold together form a striking autumnal display and make driving anywhere a delight, even in the Yorkshire rain. Of course, those leaves are also falling in earnest now, as more cold nights and frosty mornings appear in the forecast.

It can be hard to adjust to the shorter days and long, dark evenings now that the clocks have changed, but there are benefits to consider too. There’s something very cosy about settling down for the evening when it’s cold and dark outside. Light some candles or an open fire, wrap up in a warm sweater and just relax. Maybe you unwind by immersing yourself in a book, catching up with a favourite TV soap or by simply curling up and watching a film. And maybe indulging something sweet and tasty to go with it?

We’ve rounded up the Brymor flavours that we think are perfect for an autumnal treat, whether you take a tub home for those dark evenings or simply enjoy a scoop or two here in the parlour! Let’s get started:

Cookie Dough

The ultimate movie night treat, our Cookie Dough ice cream combines chunks of buttery homemade cookie dough stuffed with chocolate chips with our scrummy caramel ice cream. The only trouble you’ll have is keeping the whole tub to yourself for the evening when the family realise it’s open!

Cinder Toffee

This outstanding ice cream (if we may say so ourselves) sees honeycomb, milk chocolate, cocoa and delicate dark caramel flavour ice cream combined for a truly indulgent treat. A firm favourite that perhaps goes under the radar with our customers - why not give it a whirl this autumn when you next have an ice cream craving?

Rum & Raisin

The intensity and fire of real rum is perfectly balanced by our creamy real dairy ice cream in this much-loved Brymor flavour. With the addition of juicy raisins it’s no surprise that Rum & Raisin features on our best-seller list month after month… Could it be the perfect accompaniment to a November evening in?

Riggwelter Raisin Ripple

Raisins make another appearance in our autumnal roundup but in this truly unique (and very ‘Yorkshire’!) twist on a rum and raisin ice cream. Our Riggwelter Raisin Ripple ice cream blends the distinctive chocolate, coffee, dark fruit and roasted malt flavours of the Black Sheep Brewery’s Riggwelter Ale with our rich Yorkshire-made real dairy ice cream studded with succulent raisins. It’s a little bit off the wall, but it really works!

Blackcurrants and Clotted Cream

If a fruity ice cream is what it takes to tickle your tastebuds, then this might just be the perfect choice for you. Tart and flavour packed blackcurrants are balanced with mellow, luxurious ice cream enriched with real clotted cream. Unmissable.

Chocolate Orange

If you’re not quite ready to think about Christmas yet then we apologise for mentioning it, but our final flavour is a festive season classic. Sweet, creamy chocolate ice cream is enlivened with real orange oil for a scrumptious result that you’ll just love. It’s not Terry’s, it’s ours and we will definitely be indulging in a few scoops of it (or maybe tubs…) between now and the start of the Christmas holidays!

If this roundup of perfect ice cream flavours for autumn has made you realise you need to top up on Brymor ice cream for your freezer or come along to sample some scoops, you can check out our Parlour opening hours here to plan your visit.

Written on 24th November 2021

Written by brymor_admin