Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham wins three gold stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022! – Brymor Dairy

Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham wins three gold stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022!

Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham wins three gold stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022!

We received some very exciting news here at the Brymor office this week and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! We are so proud to announce that our much-loved Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham has scooped (yes, pun intended!) three gold stars in the coveted Great Taste Awards 2022. This popular flavour combines swirls of naturally sweet yet brilliantly tangy and sour Amarena cherries with our rich dairy ice cream for a truly scrumptious result.

We knew it was a winning ice cream flavour and you, our customers, loved it too, so we decided to send a batch to be judged for this year’s Great Taste Awards. We received the results back this week and were over the moon to learn that Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham had received the top prize of three gold stars! The Great Taste Awards are organised every year by the Guild of Fine Foods, and they are the world’s longest-standing food accreditation and awards scheme for artisan and specialty food producers. The public has come to know and recognise the Great Taste badge and so the chance to add it to another of our flavours is a fantastic result for the whole team here at Brymor.

Here's what the Great Taste Awards had to say about this super result:

"Huge congratulations on being awarded a coveted 3 stars in Great Taste 2022! You have put your food and drink to the test with our panel of over 500 experts and achieved the very best feedback in the most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme in the food industry."

The food and drink entries are all judged entirely on taste, texture and appearance and not on the packaging, branding or the size of the company which makes it, ensuring a fair process for all the entries. All the brands which put their products forward for judging receive feedback from the panel, and we were bowled away by their positive comments. Here are just some of the amazing remarks from the judges after they tried Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham:

“A fabulous contrast of the creamy ice cream and the belt of flavour; both sweet, sour and bitter from the cherry sauce. A sure hand is behind this ice cream, and we are impressed.”

“What a stunning aroma of fresh meadow milk and cream with rich, fruity black cherries. We love the ribbons of cherry red sauce which help cut through the sweetness of the ice cream and bring harmony and balance. The ice cream has been beautifully produced, it is smooth, creamy and full bodied in its delivery.”

As a three-gold-star winner, our Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham ice cream will be judged again to decide the regional Golden Fork winners (the best product from Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the different regions of England) and the Supreme Champion. The winners will be announced on the 5th of September so we’re keeping everything crossed!

Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham is available in the Brymor Parlour so why not treat yourself to a scoop next time you’re here? If you own or run a local retail or food service business and would like to sell our award-winning Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham ice cream by the tub or by the scoop, just drop us a line to place an order. It is available in 5-litre, 4-litre, 1-litre and 500ml tub sizes so there’s an option for every size of operation (and freezer).

Written on 5th August 2022

Written by brymor_admin