Spring has arrived and the Brymor Guernsey herd is ready to graze! – Brymor Dairy

Spring has arrived and the Brymor Guernsey herd is ready to graze!

Spring has arrived and the Brymor Guernsey herd is ready to graze!

After one of the wettest winters on record, it really feels as though we’ve turned a corner this week and can see summer on the horizon. The stunning weather we’ve been treated to this week, albeit coupled with rather sharp mornings, has allowed the waterlogged ground to dry out quickly. These sunny and warm conditions are perfect for spring grass to grow, which is fantastic news for our cows. Grass is the very best food source they can possibly have, and once they are turned out to graze it (which will be very soon) they will really thrive. Plus, it makes for happier cows and farmers all round.

Here at Brymor we are so looking forward to the clocks changing! Not only does it mark the start of (hopefully) far better weather, it also means we have more light for our working day, meaning we can get lots done. The extra daylight will also be huge helpful for our friends over at Thornton Lodge. That’s where our Guernsey herd are beautifully cared for by the Carlisle family, who also have their own 500-strong herd of dairy cows. Thornton Lodge is a Red Tractor-assured farm, which means it is scrutinised and assessed every year for high welfare standards. The family have designed an operation which truly puts the cows first, with careful rotation of their grazing to ensure every cow has access to plentiful grazing and a system of tracks ensuring the animals are easily able to get to and from the dairy twice a day for milking.

We are exceptionally lucky to have such a professional family-run farm looking after our Guernsey herd and ensuring they are in tip-top shape to produce their fabulous milk. Guernsey cows produce milk with a high butterfat content (as high as 5.5% compared with 3.5% for other breeds), which is perfect for creating our delicious ice cream. The cows are milked twice a day and they really love their routine. These twice-daily walks across the farm are important for keeping them fit too. It might sound odd that a dairy cow needs to have a level of fitness, but they are no different from other animals. Being mentally and physically well ensures they are able to produce high-quality milk and it’s important to us that our cows are happy and healthy.

The milk from the Guernsey herd is kept in a separate tank ready for us to collect every day and bring to High Jervaulx Farm, near Masham in North Yorkshire, to be made into ice cream. We are so grateful to the Carlisle family for their dedication to dairy farming, as the wellbeing of our herd is at the heart of everything we do. After all, without our hardworking Guernsey girls and their milk, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! They are raring to get out there and graze, and it’s not long to wait now…

Written on 7th April 2020

Written by brymor_admin