Spring is here and new flavours are on their way… – Brymor Dairy

Spring is here and new flavours are on their way…

Spring is here and new flavours are on their way…

Spring is in the air this week here at Brymor as we’ve been treated to some gorgeous sunshine, and it’s not long now until the clocks ‘spring’ forward for the start of British summer time. The cows from the farms which supply our cream and milk are out grazing in the fields with the sun on their backs, and the sound of lambs bleating and birds singing lifts the soul.

March has long been a month when British people start to look forwards and cast off the cold and rainy winter, welcoming new life and the promise of better days ahead. New-born animals appear in the countryside and farmland while the trees and hedgerows start to turn the most incredible vivid green as new shoots and leaves grow. We also start to look forward to BBQs and summer days out, visits to pub gardens and sitting outdoors with an ice cream to enjoy the sun. Of course, this time last year, we were only just getting back out and about after a long lockdown and impatiently awaiting the reopening of cafes, pubs and restaurants!

This year, we’re hopeful that the year ahead will be a lot more like ‘normal’ life, and uninterrupted by restrictions and lockdowns. We hope that our customers and staff can enjoy spring and summer doing whatever makes them happy - socialising with friends, seeing family and loved ones or going on holidays. We will be ready and waiting to welcome visitors to Brymor to enjoy our amazing views, some fresh air and a scoop or two of ice cream. Our customers are people from all corners of the UK who are visiting North Yorkshire on holiday, as well as local families having a day out.

We have something else to look forward to at Brymor this spring - very soon we will be unveiling some new ice cream flavours! Last year we added Chocolate Orange to our flavour menu and then at Christmas included a festive white chocolate and cranberry taste sensation. So, what are the latest additions to the range going to be? Here are some hints to help you guess the new flavours which will be available in our parlour and for our wholesale customers very soon:

  • One flavour is a hybrid of two of Britain’s favourite coffee shop drinks - but obviously in a sweet, delicious real dairy ice cream…
  • One is a new sorbet made from a fruit which is so resistant to plant diseases that more are killed by lightning than they are from diseases!
  • Another is a plant-based twist of one of our best-selling flavours - but which one?!

Make sure you keep an eye on our social media to see if you were right - and to start planning a visit to try them once they have been released!

Written on 29th March 2022

Written by brymor_admin