Unveiling our brand new Brymor flavour! – Brymor Dairy

Unveiling our brand new Brymor flavour!

Unveiling our brand new Brymor flavour!

Home delivery returns
We have some very exciting news for you, fresh from the dairy here at Brymor HQ… Our hugely popular home deliveries, which we started way back in the first lockdown, are making a comeback! If you’ve been missing your Brymor fix because you’re staying safe (and warm, it has to be added) at home or you’re flat-out juggling work and home schooling, this might just be your saviour! That means you can enjoy some of our best-selling Brymor flavours whenever you like, from home. The minimum order value is £30.00 but don’t let that put you off - why not place an order with a group of friends or neighbours?! Or stock up your freezer for the months ahead! Here are the flavours available for home delivery:

Flavour 1 Litre 2 Litre 5 Litre
Madagascan Vanilla £7.50 £13.25 £28.99
Mint Choc Chip £7.50 £13.25 £28.99
Sumptuous Strawberry £7.50 £13.25 £28.99
Creamy Chocolate £7.50 £13.25 £28.99
Sea Salted Caramel £7.50 / £28.99
Rich Rum & Raisin £7.50 / £28.99
Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham £7.50 / £28.99
Chocolate Orange / £13.25 £28.99

Delivery is £5.00 per order, or if you spend over £50.00 then we will deliver to you for free. Call 01677 460377 or email orders@brymordairy.co.uk to place your order!

Raspberry Ripple Rush
We are so excited to share our new Raspberry Ripple Rush ice cream with you! Churned from the same rich and creamy dairy goodness milk and cream as all your Brymor favourites with the addition of a sweet and fruity raspberry sauce swirl (OK, ripple!). We can’t wait for you to try it and let us know what you think. The new Raspberry Ripple Rush ice cream follows on from the Chocolate Orange flavour that we launched in late 2020 and which has gone down an absolute storm! We have more ideas up our sleeve for the year ahead - what would you like to see us add to the ice cream menu? Head on over to Facebook or Instagram and let us know...

An ice cream rescue this Valentine’s Day?
Left it a little late to get something special for your better half for Valentine’s Day (it’s this Sunday just in case that’s passed you by…)? Why not scoop up some of our delicious ice cream for them? Our new home delivery service is up and running and you’ll find Brymor ice cream in plenty of local convenience stores, supermarkets, farm shops and more! Find your nearest stockist here.

Written on 15th February 2021

Written by brymor_admin